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Wantong Group came to Luoyang to discuss cooperation in the Si-Nest project

source:NorthGlass type:Company News date:2020-11-30


Gao Xueming, chairman of North Glass and North Glass Si-Nest, warmly welcomed Wang Yihui, chairman of Wantong Estate

On November 25, Wang Yihui, chairman of Beijing Wantong Estate, and Feng Chunqin, former chairman of Beijing Capital Group, visited  Luoyang headquarters of North Glass and Ruyang base of North Glass Si-Nest. North Glass, North Glass Si-Nest Chairman Gao Xueming, North Glass Si-Nest Vice Chairman Xiong Cunqiang, and General Manager Jiang Wei received and accompanied them.


General manager Jiang Wei introduced the electric heating multi-layer roller type lightweight micro-crystal automatic production line for the chairman of Wang Yihui

After visiting the building demonstration project of Si-Nest and the full series of production processes, Wang Yihui, Chairman of Wantong, gave a high evaluation of the North Glass Si-Nest project: The new products developed by North Glass Si-Nest will trigger a revolution in architecture. The excellent basic new materials for building envelopes triggered this revolution in the construction industry. The colleagues also highly praised North Glass' technological innovation ability and equipment manufacturing and processing ability. Everyone agreed that this field visit directly promoted the progress of the downstream industry and North Glass Si-Nest cooperation project. Afterwards, the technicians of Wantong Estate and the technicians of North Glass Si-Nest conducted a deeper exchange of technical details. The launch of North Glass Si-Nest lightweight micro-crystal stone technology has attracted much attention from the construction industry.


Chairman Wang Yihui has a detailed understanding of lightweight micro-crystal stone wall materials


Several leaders agreed during the meeting that the industry span of this project is very large. It involves a wide range of cross-industry business forms involving material research and development, equipment manufacturing and product applications. The two parties agreed that in the course of the past few years, North Glass Si-Nest has developed excellent materials and equipment. Right now is the time when strong enterprises in the construction field are required to participate and support to face the application in the construction market. Wantong Estate has been operating in housing construction applications for many years. It has rich technical experience and resource accumulation, and is also a well-known listed Estate company in the country. Facing future opportunities, the strong cooperation between the two parties will bring vigorous impetus to the leap-forward development of Si-Nest and the building materials industry.