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Series 70 ePODs: Type-S

The Series 70: ePODs Type-S is a web-enabled Power Distribution Unit (PDU) with a Static Transfer Switch On The Secondary Side Of Two Transformers With Distribution. The Series 70: ePODs Type-S is a MIMO Configuration (Multiple Inputs, Multiple Outputs), accepting two or three inputs and up to twelve subfeed circuit breakers.

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The Series 70 ePODs: Type-S Power Distribution Unit contains a Static Transfer Switch with Two Secondary-Side Transformers and Subfeed Distribution.

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Reliability, Safety, Convenience, and Monitoring Features

Connectivity Options

eSTS Connectivity

Series 70 ePODs: Type-S Technical Specifications

ePODs: Type-S Models with Withstand Ratings
480 V 575 V 600 V
225 A 65kAIC; 50kAIC; 25kAIC  
250 A 150kAIC; 100kAIC; 65kAIC; 35kAIC; 25kAIC 100kAIC; 65kAIC; 35kAIC; 25kAIC; 18kAIC
400 A
600 A
800 A 100kAIC; 65kAIC; 50kAIC; 35kAIC
42kAIC; 35kAIC; 25kAIC; 20kAIC

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