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Mission / Belief Statement
Mission Statement:

The mission of Middletown High School, a diverse and rapidly growing comprehensive learning community, is to challenge students to strive for personal excellence and to achieve distinction through:

  • Fostering an environment that offers opportunities that prepare students to be global citizens (Character).
  • Cultivating pride by supporting positive behavior (Attitude).
  • Enabling all students to discover and achieve post secondary endeavors (Vision).
  • Implementing a diverse, rigorous curriculum (Success).

Belief Statement:

We at Middletown High School, a strong community-driven school, believe that:

  • Our primary obligation is to encourage academic excellence.
  • Education is the shared responsibility of the entire community.
  • It is critical to ensure that all students are safe and welcome at MHS.
  • Our diverse backgrounds enhance the educational experience.
  • It is essential that we welcome and address a diverse community of student learners
  • All students are responsible, productive, members of the community and society at large
  • All students have the potential to succeed.
  • It is essential to provide opportunities for students to become well-rounded members of society.
  • Lifelong learning is essential for success in a changing society
  • A vibrant and active high school is a focal point of the whole community

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