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Border guards' adopted children imagine a brighter future
(VOVWORLD) - The adoption of children by border guard soldiers in Lai Chau province has helped many ethnic children in remote mountain areas attend school.
Border guards' adopted children imagine a brighter future - ảnh 1Soldiers of Thu Lum border stations take the adopted children to school. (photo: VOV)


People in the Thu Lum border area of Muong Te district are used to seeing soldiers taking ethnic children to school every morning. The children are adoptees of the Thu Lum Border Station, where soldiers help disadvantaged children go to school.

Three of the adopted children are Chang Mo Hu and Ma Duc Manh of the Ha Nhi group and Vang Lo Hu of the La Hu group. Their parents died when they were young and they had no relatives to take care of them. The border soldiers have fostered them for years and sent them to school.

Hu, a 9 grader at Thu Lum day-boarder secondary school, says that his family is poor and has many children. He is very happy that he can go to school. “My dream is to become a soldier and help other people,” said Hu.

Border guards' adopted children imagine a brighter future - ảnh 2 The soldiers help their adopted children to study. (photo: VOV)

Manh told VOV: “I have learned a lot from the soldiers, for example, to be tidy, orderly, clean, and careful. I will do my best in school and try to be as kind as the soldiers.”

Thu Lum Border Station has adopted 6 children since 2008. They share economic burden of ethnic families, help the children nurture their dreams, and raise the general education quality in remote, mountain areas.

Assistant Principle of the Thu Lum day-boarder secondary school Nguyen Van Duy said: “Being adopted by border soldiers has motivated the children not to give up their studies.”

Living with soldiers, the children get used to an orderly lifestyle and become confident and amiable.  

The soldiers stay in close contact with the school about the kids’ studies and regularly inform parents about their child’s situation.

Captain Cao Van Quy, a Political Commissar at Thu Lum Border Station, says: “Since 2008, we have adopted 2 Ha Nhi children, who live at the station. The soldiers pay for their schooling and teach them to do farm work. They have improved their study habits and are more confident.” 

The model has been replicated at many other border stations nationwide. Tong Thanh Son, Head of the Education and Training Office of Muong Te district, says local border stations have fostered 20 ethnic children.

“The ‘soldiers fostering ethnic children’ program not only makes the children and their families happier, but lightens the burden of teachers and the local school system. The children’s academic results have improved and the schools are pleased with their attendance,” said Son.

Border units in Lai Chau province have adopted 60 ethnic children, who are starting to imagine for themselves a brighter future.

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